Tristan Ahumada

After one year in the real estate business, Tristan Ahumada became Rookie of the Year at Century 21 at age twenty-four.

In 2014, Tristan created Lab Coat Agents as a Facebook Group and has grown the popular social media page to over 137,000+ members. Lab Coat Agents is extremely influential as the largest real estate Facebook group in the world. Lab Coat Agents is now one of the leading media/educational companies in the real estate industry.

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His real estate team hit a milestone in 2015 and surpassed 100 million volume in production, in Los Angeles/Ventura counties, which placed him in the top 1% of all real estate agents in the U.S. Tristan’s success in real estate has made Lab Coat Agents even more relevant. They are literally changing the real estate landscape as more people visit the group in search for the latest tech, resources and systems to scale their businesses.

Tristan speaks an average of three times a month at various real estate events. His love for technology and systems pushes him to test out the latest products and allows him to create successful systems for automation for the real estate community. His belief  that all agents should have access to free resources to grow their business is what pushes Tristan to help people around the world.

Tristan’s mission is to ease the process of buying and selling real estate, while providing the very best service in the business through quality communication and a clear understanding of the current real estate market. Above all, he expects to be a credit to the communities he serves, a valuable resource to his customers, and to continue keeping people's hopes and dreams alive through real estate.

Tristan Ahumada’s Favorite Quote:

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do”

– Bruce Lee
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Leadership Principles



People First





A great leader is always looking for opportunities to make an impact in the world. Whether it’s a way of doing things differently than they’ve been done or creating brand new sectors altogether.


Every leader knows the importance of systems and processes. Without them there is no scaling and without scaling there can be no massive growth. Systems is all about creating repeatable steps that can be duplicated easily in mass.

People First

All great leaders value people more than anything. Think of Sam Walton, “If you want a successful business, your people must feel that you are working for them—not that they are working for you.” Without the right people and without treating people right, you will go nowhere fast.


You can call it emotional intelligence, social awareness, or just plain old awareness, but the point is that you need it. Awareness means that leaders understand the repercussions of their actions and their words. This is massively important and in our current environment it’s something that is widely missing among many “so called” leaders of our world.


With all the things that will go wrong in your business and in your life you must be passionate enough and have enough grit to get through it. Being a great leader requires resilience because things will get hard and there will be days that you wished you were not leading the way!


With so much hate, anger, and wanton opinions it feels like kindness is a lost principle. I’m here to remind you that the greatest of all true leaders are the kindest and most compassionate. They lead with love, they lead with hope, they lead with grace, which means they lead with kindness. Kindness is the most amazing strength of all! It brings down walls and it unites people because leading with kindness means putting your ego to the side and being empathetic.


Our Clients


Nothing but great things to say about Tristan. I’ve seen him so involved and focused to give back to the Real Estate community that it’s truly inspiring as he’s doing this as he runs a successful real estate team, Lab Coat Agents community and so much more. I remember when I messaged him years ago, I thought he would be too busy to respond on FB Messenger and his response rate to these messages are a lot better than what I do and I don’t have all the things that he has on his plate. I would recommend Tristan for any of my Real Estate deals in Malibu or for anyone looking for a Real Estate coach as well. He’s an honest man empowering the Real Estate of today and of years to come.

Albert Vasquez, Realtor & Leader at AV Home Experts with Keller Williams Realty

Not many people have the gifts evidenced in Tristan Ahumada. He makes you think, look into your soul, and want to become a better person. He is insightful, is able to look deep into people’s minds and bring out the best in them. He reaches others through a variety of media, each one leaving the reader wanting more. Whether Facebook groups, other platforms, magazine articles, weekly emails, you don’t want to miss any of them. To be in his company is to be at the feet of the teacher. Tristan is not only kind, he is generous, understanding and encouraging. He’s not afraid to share his love for his family, as well as his passion for sharing knowledge and wisdom. He’s created one of the largest online groups of professionals in his field, and draws hundreds at in-person events. All the time, he enrolls others to share their expertise with their colleagues. I was fortunate enough to meet Tristan at a small MasterMind Event. His impact was profound, his questions penetrating. He’ll laugh with you, share your struggles, and encourage you to become the best version of yourself. He is a world changer, many have been fortunate to have benefitted by his impact.

Valerie Van de Zilver, President/Broker at Power Marketing Inc

Tristan, is the true Godfather of Real Estate! His wisdom, knowledge & empowerment are only few of the attributes of his amazing persona. I don’t know another person who serves our industry so unconditionally, caring and loving on us the agents & fellow real estate pros. Did I also mention that Tristan is a an amazing family man, supporter & friend to many? I’m thankful to know him, call him inspiration, mentor & friend

Lana Rodriguez, Team Leader at The PCS Colorado - The Lana Rodriguez Group

I appreciate Tristan's ability to draw out the best in others, and be an amazing connector and resource for our industry and beyond. I truly think what sets Tristan apart is his instinct to elevate others at every turn and be truly on purpose with his words and actions. Tristan is certainly an amazing leader, but he's also an amazing human too.

Emily Smith, COO at Wemert Group Realty

Tristan is an amazing agent, coach, leader and more importantly friend. He gives freely of his time and knowledge. Implementing a few of his tidbits have netted me over 100k. If you're here it's to get to know him. As his sister from another mister I can say you're in the right price if you want integrity, honesty, and a true servant's heart.

Brittiny Howard, Owner of The B Group

We are so happy that we partnered with Tristan Ahumada and A Brilliant Tribe Consulting. He has been able to help us generate more leads, more online engagement, and lead our business to new levels of operation. He has been extremely attentive and helpful for all of our needs. Anyone looking to transform their business should contact Tristan first. They won’t regret it.

Pavel Stepanov, CEO/Owner of Virtudesk

Working with Tristan and his team has been the best experience I've had working with a consultant or vendor. His team is thorough and communicates well. While working with his team, we set clear goals for improvement held regularly scheduled meetings to address these goals. By doing so, we saw measured improvement and engagement from our community. Our client community went from a relatively sleepy afterthought full of mostly complaints to a vibrant community full of clients looking to swap best practices and bring value to one another.

Randy Carroll, Channel Manager at Chime

I've known Tristan for the better part of a decade. One thing I know about him is that he's a curious guy with a drive to help everyone around him level up. We all need more people like him in our life.

Ken Pozek, Owner/Team Leader at Ken Pozek Group

One of the most humble and awesome people I have ever met! Tristan always comes from contribution in helping others; he is not only an amazing leader but an incredible mentor and is always there to help others grow their business! Keep up the great work you are doing, Tristan!

Janki Patel, CEO and Founder of The Janki Patel Team

My business model and market knowledge have grown immensely since I have started following Tristan Ahumada and consulting with him. Tristan has the ability to create processes of checkpoints in your business that allow you to run more efficiently and to understand many different areas of the real estate business. While still active in the real estate market, he can better assess the current issues and update his processes accordingly. My business now runs with more efficiency and more economically. He is positive, supportive, helpful, and always eager to be of assistance. I consider Tristan not only a great friend but a positive, valued resource.

Linda Landman, Realtor at ReMax Aerospace Realty

I have known Tristan for many years and have always appreciated his spirit of giving back. Tristan always comes from a place of contribution; he has helped more people than I can count on both directly and indirectly with his advice and understanding. In the past five years, he has directly contributed to elevating the way agents interact with the public and each other. The creation of Lab Coat Agents has given all of us a great resource but, more importantly, a place to have great discussions and community. I consider Tristan to be a mentor, and I am proud to call him my friend.

Brian Curtis, Owner of Curtis Realty Group

I've known Tristan since 2015. We sat next to each other in Fairfax at a Keller Williams event and I immediately loved his West Coast vibe, his ideas and natural curiosity of people, real estate and business. He’s fails forward, shares his thoughts and when you see him in person, even when he is on stage talking to 1000s, he smiles and greets you as though you are family. If you are fortunate enough to get him one-on-one, which I have, you’ll get a hug too! Surround yourself with successful people and those that you admire, consider friends and life will be and is FULL. Thank you Tristan Ahumada for being part of my TRIBE, and I of yours!

Jennifer Hoskins


Tristan Ahumada Realtor has been in real estate since 2004 and focuses primarily on building relationships with clients and focuses in Luxury Real Estate. Tristan Ahumada still practices Real Estate in Los Angeles County and Ventura County. He works the Malibu, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Calabasas and Westlake Village areas.


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