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Brilliant Thoughts is about people. It’s about how relationships shape careers. It’s about how influence shapes industries. It’s about how at the end of the day, ones and zeroes on spreadsheets represent real humans and no one is going to find success without keeping that top of mind.

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Brittiny Howard

Owner of The B Group

Tristan is an amazing agent, coach, leader and more importantly friend.  He gives freely of his time and knowledge.  Implementing a few of his tidbits have netted me over 100k.  If you're here it's to get to know him.  As his sister from another mister I can say you're in the right price if you want integrity, honesty, and a true servant's heart.

Emily Smith

COO at Wemert Group Realty

I appreciate Tristan's ability to draw out the best in others, and be an amazing connector and resource for our industry and beyond. I truly think what sets Tristan apart is his instinct to elevate others at every turn and be truly on purpose with his words and actions. Tristan is certainly an amazing leader, but he's also an amazing human too.

Pavel Stepanov

CEO/Owner of Virtudesk

We are so happy that we partnered with Tristan Ahumada and A Brilliant Tribe Consulting. He has been able to help us generate more leads, more online engagement, and lead our business to new levels of operation. He has been extremely attentive and helpful for all of our needs. Anyone looking to transform their business should contact Tristan first. They won’t regret it.

Ken Pozek

Owner/Team Leader at Ken Pozek Group

I've known Tristan for the better part of a decade. One thing I know about him is that he's a curious guy with a drive to help everyone around him level up. We all need more people like him in our life.

Janki Patel

CEO and Founder of The Janki Patel Team

One of the most humble and awesome people I have ever met! Tristan always comes from contribution in helping others; he is not only an amazing leader but an incredible mentor and is always there to help others grow their business! Keep up the great work you are doing, Tristan!


Tristan speaks an average of three times a month at various real estate events. His love for technology and systems pushes him to test out the latest products and allows him to create successful systems for automation for entrepreneurs and of course, the real estate community. He believes that all agents should have access to free resources to grow their business is what pushes Tristan to help people around the world.