Strategic Networking and Authentic Marketing with Brian Patacca

September 7, 2023

Strategic Networking and Authentic Marketing with Brian Patacca

September 7, 2023

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Welcome to Brilliant Thoughts, a thought-provoking blog where we explore topics related to success, growth, and authenticity. In today's article, we delve into the fascinating world of building excitement around who you are and attracting your tribe. Drawing inspiration from a podcast episode featuring Brian Patacca, we uncover valuable insights and strategies for creating a strong connection with the right audience. Let's dive right in and explore the key elements that can help you build an engaged and enthusiastic following.

Building Your Tribe: Letting Go of Universal Appeal

One of the fundamental principles in building excitement around who you are is to let go of the idea that everyone is your target audience. Brian Patacca, a non-denominational reverend and guest on the podcast, emphasizes the importance of attracting the right people who resonate with your values and message. Rather than trying to appeal to the masses, focus on connecting with those who align with your unique approach.

Brian shares an intriguing perspective, comparing his email list to concentrated orange juice. He wants his subscribers to be like the enthusiastic individuals eagerly awaiting the next newsletter, rather than blending in with the noise in someone's inbox. By being selective and unapologetically true to yourself, you can build a community of like-minded individuals who genuinely appreciate and engage with your content.

Authenticity: Saying What You Believe In

In the pursuit of attracting the right audience, it's crucial to infuse your message with authenticity. Brian emphasizes that expressing your opinions and beliefs boldly is key to resonating with your tribe. It's not about being political, but rather about taking a stand and having a unique perspective on the topics that matter to you.

To cultivate a loyal following, it's essential to foster consistency and clarity in your messaging. By consistently sharing your thoughts, you allow your audience to know exactly who they are engaging with and what to expect from your brand. This authenticity and consistency create an environment where your tribe can thrive.

The Power of Selectivity and Connection

Brian also discusses the power of being selective and finding your voice amidst the noise. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, focus on attracting the individuals who align with your perspective. This approach ensures that you build a community of engaged and enthusiastic supporters who genuinely connect with your content.

Finding your voice and developing a unique angle is crucial in establishing a strong connection with your tribe. By expressing your take on a particular topic, you attract like-minded individuals who resonate with your viewpoint. This selective approach allows you to create a space where you can have meaningful conversations and engage with your audience on a deeper level.

Connecting with Your Audience Through Narration

Tristan started the conversation by expressing his desire to share his story and connect with people, but also acknowledging his self-doubt and fear of not reaching everyone he wants to reach. Brian offered valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of centering the listener or reader when sharing a story. He explained that without considering the audience's perspective, it can come across as a self-centered ego-brag fest.

To address this, Brian introduced the concept of narrating intentions. By explicitly explaining why you are sharing a story or information, you create a meaningful connection with your audience. Narrating intentions allows the audience to feel seen, understood, and taken care of, fostering a sense of trust. Brian shared that he uses this technique not only in copywriting but also in teaching and presenting, effectively engaging his listeners and students.

The Value of an Email List

Tristan shifted the conversation toward the significance of email marketing, noting that it is often overlooked in the entrepreneurial world. Brian enthusiastically agreed, highlighting that, for online businesses, the number of people on your email list is the ultimate measure of success. He emphasized that email conversions surpass those on social media platforms like Instagram.

Brian explained that while social media can be effective, email marketing remains the most powerful tool, especially for service-based industries. He shared his personal journey of growing his email list, which began by saving every email address he received from the moment he arrived in New York City. He also mentioned utilizing Gmail's contact-saving feature and keeping a jar full of business cards, highlighting the importance of collecting and organizing contacts.

Creating Tension and Making Decisions

Brian delved into the significance of creating tension when engaging with your audience. He drew parallels to the decision-making process for significant life events, such as buying a car or settling into a new home. Tension, he explained, helps individuals arrive at a place where they can make informed choices. As a salesperson or content creator, creating tension enables your audience to make confident decisions that align with their needs and desires.

Brian emphasized the value of clear messaging that allows individuals to decide whether they resonate with your content or prefer to seek alternatives. He believed that centering the experience of the listener or reader, rather than focusing solely on oneself, builds trust and fosters a stronger connection.

Brian's Approach: Building Relationships from the Start

During the podcast episode, Brian emphasizes the significance of connecting with potential leads right from the moment they visit your website. He suggests utilizing a pop-up window that offers a valuable guide or resource in exchange for their email address. By doing this, you can establish a warmer connection with your leads, especially those who come through your website.

This technique not only helps you identify hotter leads but also provides an opportunity to introduce yourself and share relevant information about your expertise and personality. Brian highlights the importance of showcasing authenticity and finding common ground with your target audience.

Networking Beyond Realtors

Tristan, the podcast host, acknowledges Brian's approach and highlights how it can be applied to any business, not just real estate. The idea of connecting on a personal and professional level applies universally, allowing individuals from various industries to build meaningful relationships.

The Networking for Humans Class

Brian then introduces his class, "Networking for Humans," which aims to redefine networking as a genuine and authentic conversation rather than a forced interaction. He explains that many people approach networking events or online spaces as if everyone else is a bouncer determining their worthiness. This perspective can hinder true connections from forming.

Authenticity in Networking

Brian believes that finding authenticity in networking is challenging but necessary. He encourages individuals to go beyond showcasing their accomplishments or measurable achievements. Instead, he advises answering the question, "What have you been up to lately?" with a personal and professional response that genuinely reflects your passions and interests.

Preparing for Networking Conversations

Tristan inquires about strategies for becoming better at these conversations. Brian suggests thinking about potential responses beforehand without creating a script. This brief preparation allows individuals to overcome anxiety and engage in more meaningful and authentic conversations. By considering what genuinely excites you, you can effortlessly share your experiences and engage others.

Translating Authenticity Online

Tristan draws parallels between Brian's approach to in-person networking and online communication, particularly newsletters. Brian agrees and emphasizes the importance of consistency and sounding like yourself. While writing might not come naturally to everyone, Brian encourages recording oneself talking or using dictation tools to maintain an authentic tone. He suggests fighting against any changes that don't sound like you and using prompts to reveal your unique perspectives and experiences.

About Brian Patacca

Brian Patacca is the Founder and CEO of Team BKP, Inc., specializing in creating programs for actors and creatives. As a life, business, and career coach, he provides holistic coaching to individuals seeking accountability and success. With extensive experience and training, Brian works with a diverse range of clients, including actors, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders.

Brian is a sought-after guest speaker and teacher, delivering insightful presentations on goal-setting and overcoming obstacles. He has taught the Life and Career Mastery Class across the United States and London. Additionally, Brian serves as a host and emcee for corporate events, leveraging his acting background and marketing insights.

Prior to his coaching career, Brian worked as an actor in various mediums and locations, including commercials, theater, and television. He attended Northwestern University and performed Off-Broadway in New York. Brian has also held positions such as Director at JOHN ROSENFELD STUDIOS, INC. and Worldwide Consultant Manager at TVI Actor Studio, contributing to curriculum development and training programs for actors.

You can visit Brian Patacca’s Instagram and his LinkedIn.

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