Finding Fresh Approaches with Roger Martin

April 22, 2022

Finding Fresh Approaches with Roger Martin

April 22, 2022

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Join us today as Tristan talks to one of the world's leading business thinkers, Roger Martin. Martin was once rated the #1 management thinker in the world by Thinkers50. He is also the author of Playing to Win and his most recent book, A Way to Think

He discusses the essentials of strategy and management with Tristan including:


The difference between a Falsificationist vs. Justificationist 

  • Falsificationist- Believes there are no right answers, just better ones and worst ones  
  • Justificationist - The opposite of that - the belief there are right answers ‘the truth’  


How there are better ways to think 

  • There is a framework or way of thinking that guides strategy and activities

What is the #1 complaint with innovators? 


What do companies do really well as a centerpiece of their culture so they are always moving forward? 

  • Success is centered on consumers
  • Strategy and execution are truly interchangeable
  • Succeeding at making innovation a habit

How do we hold onto amazing talent for a longer period of time? 

  • Make sure you listen to them. 
  • Provide them with opportunities before they ask for them. 
  • Pat them on the back. Don’t assume you don’t need to tell them they are doing a good job. 

Aristotle “Art of Rhetoric” and the three dimensions or drivers: 

  • Ethos - the will to have people see you as authentic. 
  • Logos - the logicatical structure of the argument 
  • Pathos - the capacity to empathize the audience  

Connect with Roger at: 

Twitter: @RogerLMartin

DISCLAIMER: The people interviewed are well-trained experts and highly skilled in their areas of practice. They take many safety precautions prior to attempting the activities described. The activities or research discussed in these podcasts should not be attempted without qualified supervision and training with professionals.

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