The Importance of Building a Squad and Giving Back with Noah Neiman

June 16, 2023

The Importance of Building a Squad and Giving Back with Noah Neiman

June 16, 2023

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Join us in the incredible journey of Noah Neiman, the founder of Rumble Boxing, as he shares his inspiring story on the latest episode of Brilliant Thoughts with Tristan Ahumada. Noah's background in martial arts paved the way for his remarkable venture, Rumble Boxing, which has become a global fitness phenomenon

On how Noah's background in martial arts led him to the founding of Rumble Boxing.

Noah's love for boxing started with countless attempts to conquer the virtual ring in the game "Mike Tyson Punch-Out." But his connection with the sport went deeper than pixels on a screen. Boxing became a constant presence, intertwining with his passion for martial arts and training. As a child grappling with ADHD, OCD, and oppositional defiant disorder, Noah sought an outlet for his pent-up energy and frustrations.

Inspired by his virtual boxing adventures, Noah decided to take up boxing and martial arts as a way to find solace through physical activity. Thus began his transformative journey. Immersing himself in the discipline and rigor of boxing, Noah discovered a profound connection between mind, body, and spirit. The more he committed to training, the better he could control his emotions, fostering not just physical prowess but emotional and spiritual growth as well.

Driven by a desire to share this transformative experience, Noah founded Rumble Boxing. This fitness concept blends the art of boxing with a vibrant and inclusive community, inviting individuals to embrace their struggles, appreciate their progress, and tap into their innate strength.

During the conversation, Tristan Ahumada highlights the significance of adversity and how it molds character, driving remarkable achievements. Noah agrees, emphasizing the importance of clarity and perseverance. He shares the Japanese proverb, "Fall seven times, get up eight," as a testament to the resilience required to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Tristan delves into the inception of Rumble Boxing, marveling at its rapid expansion. From 14 signature stores, Rumble has now grown to an impressive 300 locations worldwide. Noah acknowledges the invaluable support of Anthony Geisler and Exponential in nurturing their shared vision.

Noah introduces the founders of Rumble Boxing, each bringing unique expertise and passion to the venture. Eugene Remm, with his hospitality genius, ensures exceptional customer experiences within Rumble's vibrant spaces. The founders' synergy and unwavering commitment contribute to Rumble's success.

Noah reflects on a pivotal moment when fear nearly derailed Rumble's creation. Overcoming his hesitations and receiving the support of his fellow founders led to the birth of Rumble Boxing.

Noah's story epitomizes resilience, transformation, and the unwavering pursuit of passion. Through boxing and martial arts, he discovered a path to self-discovery, and Rumble became a platform to inspire and empower others. Join us as we explore Noah's journey of triumph and growth.

The breaking point

Noah reached a breaking point in his life where he was dealing with depression, anxiety, and drug use. He reached rock bottom and awoke in the hospital, surrounded by concerned family members. This moment became his motivation to turn his life around and make his family proud. With the support of friends and family and perfect timing in the industry, Noah climbed out of that dark hole. He keeps that experience as a constant reminder to never go back and to make a positive impact on the world. Creating Rumble Boxing has allowed him to fulfill his entrepreneurial dream and positively impact communities worldwide

Earning trust from the Rumble founders - “Focus on the product, not the profit”

Noah shares his perspective on trust and reputation. He highlights the importance of letting his reputation speak for itself rather than trying to sell himself as a partner. Noah reflects on his personal growth, acknowledging that he used to be a selfish individual and how his mindset changed when he began training at various places, experiencing panic attacks but learning to focus on others and their well-being.

He emphasizes the significance of focusing on the experience and how it impacts others rather than solely chasing profits. Noah shares quotes that hold deep meaning for him, like Steve Jobs' approach of prioritizing the product over profit. He believes that when you genuinely care about the touchpoints of your brand and how they affect people, success and longevity follow.

When asked how they maintained the momentum of Rumble's early success, Noah emphasizes the importance of continuous effort and not relying solely on past success. He likens entrepreneurship to guerrilla warfare, where one must fight for customers' attention and provide them with a compelling reason to engage. Treating each day as if it were the first day of business and maintaining a consistent brand experience are crucial elements for sustained success.

Noah shares his "Three Pillars of Rumble Boxing" as the essence of their original vision, jotted down in a composition notebook years ago: to punch things, listen to rap music, and do it with dope people. This vision remains at the core of Rumble's training manual and is still reflected in their classes today.

In the conversation, Noah recounts a transformative moment in Sydney, Australia, where he encountered people who had taken his class in New York years ago. This encounter was a powerful reminder of the impact Rumble had on individuals and the far-reaching influence of their brand. This was also the same time when he involved himself in a restaurant called Honeybrains and had aspirations to expand its reach globally. He emphasizes the significance of having a dedicated team to bring visions to life and consistently communicate the brand's vision.

Using fitness as a tool for empowerment

Tristan and Noah discuss how reputation plays a significant role in attracting the right individuals. Noah emphasizes that self-care is not selfish, contrary to what many believe. Taking time for activities like reading, going to the gym, or engaging in activities that make you feel good is crucial for personal growth. As Noah shares his tattooed quote from Muhammad Ali, "Service to others is our rent for our room here on Earth," he highlights the foundation of his fitness journey and the role it plays in serving others.

Noah reflects on his experience using fitness as a tool of empowerment in influential locations like New York City and with prominent figures such as billionaires, politicians, athletes, and celebrities. He acknowledges the importance of building a strong reputation and consistently delivering results that make people feel great about themselves. He shares the story of how he garnered media attention, starting with a GQ series that received millions of hits on YouTube and ultimately led to his own show on Bravo. He stresses the significance of investing in oneself physically, which not only shapes one's reputation but also enhances mental and emotional well-being.

Noah recounts a harrowing incident involving a spider bite during his visit to Bondi, Australia. Despite the pain and discomfort, he remained focused on his commitments, powered through the day, and sought medical attention in the evening. He vividly describes his swollen knee and the urgency with which he was taken to the hospital for treatment. Despite the complications of a staph infection and the spider's potent venom, Noah maintains a resilient perspective, drawing inspiration from Sylvester Stallone's iconic character Rocky and the idea of persevering through adversity.

Regarding personal health and fitness, Noah discusses his approach to food and nutrition. He follows the 80/20 rule, aiming to eat healthy foods most of the time but also indulging in occasional treats. He emphasizes the importance of listening to one's body and finding a balance that works for individual needs and lifestyles. Noah also highlights the significance of mental health and body image in the fitness industry, advocating for a more inclusive and holistic approach to wellness.

Building your business through reputation: "We didn't really have to sell the horse because people knew about the jockeys."

During their discussion of the growth of their business, Rumble, and the role of reputation in attracting investors, Noah mentions that they were fortunate because they didn't have to "sell the horse" (persuade investors) because people already knew about the "jockeys" (the people involved in the business). He emphasizes the importance of reputation and the network of influential individuals they had built relationships with, such as Scooter Braun and LeBron James, who believed in their vision and supported them.

Noah also mentions their strategy during the pandemic, when their studios were shut down. They pivoted and launched a digital channel, offering streaming services and outdoor classes to provide value to their customers. They focused on maintaining brand consistency and delivering a consistent experience across their locations, ensuring that customers knew what to expect regardless of the geographical location.

Chase the relationships, not the checks

Noah mentions how Jason Derulo, a well-known celebrity with 54 million followers, took a class with them in Australia. He emphasizes that Rumble provides a unique experience where celebrities may be present during workouts, but even without celebrities, participants receive an awesome and empowering experience.

Noah then talks about the effectiveness of Rumble workouts, mentioning that they involve punching things and conditioning on heavy bags, which they refer to as "knuckle therapy." They highlight the combination of strength training, great music, and the ambiance created by red and black lights, comparing it to Coachella.

Noah mentions that many people may dislike working out but understand the impact it can have on their overall well-being. This is how he capitalized on Rumble's significant role in creating an environment that motivates individuals to invest in themselves and their communities. 

On fear and failure

Noah mentions that he never wants to be in a situation again where his family looks at him with concern, reflecting on the emotional impact it had on him. He draws inspiration from Anthony Bourdain's perspective that darkness can be a powerful motivator toward finding the light.

He further explains that life is difficult, and we should not only pray for an easy life but also work to develop the strength to deal with challenges. Both Noah and Tristan agree that people who have seemingly easy lives, such as those born into wealth, may struggle to find meaning and fulfillment because they didn't create that value themselves.

Noah emphasizes the importance of being resilient in the face of failures and setbacks. He mentions that it's common for businesses to fail multiple times before finding success, and he urges listeners not to let failures deter them. In their discussion, Noah used a football analogy, highlighting that many people quit the game when faced with difficult circumstances, but as long as there's time on the clock, there's still a chance for success.

Noah encourages embracing both the good and the challenging moments, particularly the moments of struggle and doubt when it's easy to give up. Both he and Tristan emphasize the significance of having a fearless mindset and using the lessons learned from failures and overcoming fear to reach greater heights.

On having a full circle with Eugene Remms

Tristan and Noah discuss the importance of maintaining a positive perspective and seeking opportunities in difficult situations. Noah mentions that it's not what happens to you that matters, but how you deal with it. He shares that studying philosophy has been impactful for him as an entrepreneur, and he mentions his father, who was a successful lawyer and emphasized the value of philosophy classes in his own career.

Noah then tells a story about Eugene Remm, whom he refers to as a genius and a profound influence in his life. He explains that because he didn't have enough money for housing in college, he and his girlfriend lived in a sorority house owned by Eugene. Noah expresses gratitude to Eugene for providing him with a place to stay and mentions that this experience has come full circle since they are now business partners in Rumble, a venture they both believe in.

Noah reflects on the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of making connections and seizing opportunities because you never know how they might unfold in the future. This part of their conversation highlights the power of perspective, the influence of mentors and connections, and the unexpected ways in which life can come full circle.

On meeting Daniel White - "People help you get where you need to go, but you can't be a parasite."

Noah continues talking about the person who played a significant role in his life, Danny White. Noah explains that Danny White, whom he refers to as the "billionaire you've never heard of," contributed to saving his life during a dark period.

Noah emphasizes the importance of people and mentions that they help you get where you need to go, but you can't be a parasite. He emphasizes the need to bring value to the table, even if it's not financial. Noah encourages bringing motivation, good energy, a work ethic, positivity, consistency, and discipline to any situation.

Noah then shares how he connected with Danny White when he was going through a challenging time. He talks about his involvement in the nightlife industry in New York City during the 2008 housing crisis. Noah moved back to Pittsburgh due to financial challenges and family members' serious illnesses, which led him to get involved with drugs.

Danny White, recognizing Noah's reputation and work ethic, offered him an opportunity to help open a nightclub in Pittsburgh. This opportunity gave Noah a purpose and helped him make a positive change in his life.

Noah expresses his gratitude for the chance to learn from Danny White, describing him as a self-made entrepreneur involved in various ventures such as aviation, car washes, real estate, and construction. He compares Danny White to a young Warren Buffett and shares a story about how Danny's great attitude and work ethic led someone to buy a car wash for him, which eventually became a successful business worth over $2 billion.

Daniel’s influence on Noah, and their shared vision of healthcare

Noah expresses his gratitude for having Danny White in his life and for the opportunity to learn from him. He mentions that they are working together on projects like ADA Tactical and Rocket Car Wash, which are expanding rapidly. Danny White owns auto groups across the country and is involved in various ventures.

Noah and Danny share a concern about the state of the healthcare system. They believe that healthcare should focus more on preventative measures than reacting to illnesses. Noah shares a personal story about his father's experience with diabetes, highlighting the missed opportunity for early intervention.

They are working on creating clinics around the country that promote self-care and preventive medicine. Noah mentions a membership model for healthcare that they are developing and a new gym concept that he's excited about. He also mentions the success of Rocket Car Wash, which Danny White pioneered with a membership model.

Noah emphasizes the need to change the healthcare system and make it more accessible and proactive. They aim to empower individuals with knowledge about their own bodies and make healthcare more affordable.

Noah admires Danny White's leadership qualities and describes him as someone who can build and lead a team effectively. He values the work ethic and discipline of individuals who have faced challenges in life and mentions that Danny prefers hiring former military personnel and hockey players for their teamwork skills.

On emotional currency, being genuine, and the Rumble Boxing and Glass Lab connection

Tristan mentions his connection with Rachel Glass, who introduced him to Rumble Boxing. Noah reveals that he has a stake in Glass Lab, which is a membership-based nail salon.

They emphasize the value of recurring revenue models, especially in the current business climate. Noah mentions the success of businesses that operate on a membership model, citing the example of Rumble Boxing and its influence on Glass Lab. He also mentions that Andy Sandler, his co-founder and business partner in Rumble, is involved with Glass Lab.

Noah emphasizes the importance of being authentic and genuine, particularly in the age of social media. He mentions his ability to discern insincere behavior and encourages others to prioritize emotional currency and taking care of people. He believes that by bringing something positive to the world and focusing on the basics, one can find fulfillment and success.

Noah draws a parallel between professional boxers, who rely on their instinctual training, and entrepreneurs, who often seek quick riches. He encourages entrepreneurs to focus on building strong foundations and being good citizens of the world rather than following a set formula for success.

About Noah Neiman

Noah Neiman is a former professional kickboxer and the co-founder of Rumble Boxing, a popular fitness studio that combines boxing and strength training in high-energy group classes. Noah Neiman, along with his business partners Eugene Remm and Andy Stenzler, launched Rumble Boxing in 2016 in New York City.

Noah Neiman has a background in athletics and fitness. He played Division I college football and later transitioned to becoming a professional kickboxer, competing in organizations such as the Glory World Series and Lion Fight. Neiman's passion for fitness and combat sports led him to co-create Rumble Boxing, which quickly gained popularity for its unique workout experience and its emphasis on making boxing accessible to people of all fitness levels.

Rumble Boxing classes are designed to provide a full-body workout, combining boxing techniques with strength training exercises. Participants engage in a series of high-intensity rounds on water-filled punching bags, incorporating punches, kicks, and other dynamic movements. The classes are set to upbeat music and led by experienced instructors, resulting in a fun and motivating environment. You can follow Noah on his Instagram @noahdneiman

DISCLAIMER: The people interviewed are well-trained experts and highly skilled in their areas of practice. They take many safety precautions prior to attempting the activities described. The activities or research discussed in these podcasts should not be attempted without qualified supervision and training with professionals.

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