Transformation through Leadership with Doug Lennick & Chuck Wachendorfer

July 14, 2023

Transformation through Leadership with Doug Lennick & Chuck Wachendorfer

July 14, 2023

About This Episode

Welcome to another captivating episode of Brilliant Thoughts and Success Magazine's podcast. In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Doug Lennick and Chuck Wachendorfer, who share their insights on leadership and personal growth. Join us as we delve into their newly released book, "Don't Wait For Someone Else to Fix It," and explore the concept of everyone as a leader. Doug and Chuck are also the CEO and Co-Founder and President of Distribution of respectively.

Setting the Tone

Tristan Ahumada, our charismatic host, kicks off the episode by welcoming his esteemed guests. Amidst lighthearted banter and name mix-ups, Tristan and Chuck establish a friendly rapport. They bond over shared interests, including sports memorabilia and their love for Michael Jordan.

Everyone is a Leader

Doug and Chuck introduce the central theme of their book, which challenges the notion that not everyone can be a leader. They emphasize that leadership is about influence, and we all possess the ability to influence others in various ways. Whether it's through our actions, behaviors, or choices, we impact those around us. The book's goal is to provide leadership principles that anyone, regardless of position or title, can apply.

The Eight Essentials

Tristan highlights the eight essentials outlined in the book: aiming to be your ideal self, knowing your real self, igniting integrity and responsibility, embracing empathy and compassion, deciding wisely, letting go of what you know, achieving meaningful goals, and empowering others. Each element contributes to personal growth and effective leadership.

Discovering Your Ideal Self

The conversation shifts to the concept of finding one's ideal self. Doug and Chuck emphasize the importance of knowing your values and using them as guiding principles for decision-making. They discuss the process of discovering personal values, enabling individuals to align their choices with their desired identity. By making better decisions in line with their values, individuals can embody their ideal selves more often.

Inside-Out Approach

Doug and Chuck emphasize an inside-out approach to success, contrasting it with an external focus on material achievements. They highlight the importance of personal growth and fulfillment as true indicators of success. By prioritizing self-improvement and aligning actions with values, individuals experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Psychic Rewards and Progress

Doug emphasizes the psychic rewards that come from living in alignment with one's ideal self. When individuals embrace their values and contribute to others, they experience a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Both guests stress that the journey toward personal growth is about progress, not perfection. It's about striving to embody one's ideal self more consistently and learning from mistakes along the way.

Living in Alignment: Not a Lifetime Achievement Award

Doug Lennick, drawing from his personal experiences, explains that living in alignment is not a mere lifetime achievement award. He emphasizes that it is a continuous journey, irrespective of past mistakes or unflattering aspects of one's life. Being in alignment requires utilizing tools to develop emotional and moral competencies, enabling individuals to make wise decisions and effectively execute them.

The Essence of Aiming for Your Ideal Self

Aiming to be our ideal selves is crucial, according to Chuck Wachendorfer, as it reflects a moment-to-moment understanding of who we truly are. He emphasizes that individuals are constantly evolving and changing, just like the host, Tristan Ahumada, at that very moment of the podcast recording. By recognizing and embracing this reality, people can start the transformative process of aligning their thoughts, emotions, and actions with their ideal selves.

Playing the Freeze Game

Doug and Chuck introduce a fascinating exercise called the freeze game to help individuals become more aware of their thoughts, emotions, and actions in the present moment. Tristan participates in the exercise during the podcast, demonstrating how to freeze in the moment and observe one's mental and emotional state. By paying attention to their immediate experiences, individuals can gain valuable insights into their true selves and make conscious choices accordingly.

The Power of Nonverbal Communication

Chuck highlights the significance of nonverbal communication, stating that approximately 70% of communication is conveyed through body language and facial expressions. He explains how emotions are often communicated in a fraction of a second, even before individuals become aware of them. Being present physically, mentally, and emotionally, like athletes in the zone, is essential for optimal performance and effective communication.

Noticing Patterns and Establishing Awareness

Doug emphasizes that patterns in life and thought are formed through repetition. He notes that while some patterns may have served individuals well in the past, they can become limiting as circumstances change. By practicing the freeze game and establishing awareness of their patterns, individuals can identify behaviors that no longer serve them and begin making positive changes.

The Story of Sharon: Breaking Destructive Patterns

Chuck shares the story of Sharon, a successful executive who had unknowingly developed a pattern of neglecting her own needs. Through playing the freeze game, Sharon discovered that her behavior stemmed from her childhood experiences taking care of her sick mother. By recognizing this pattern, Sharon began to understand why her self-neglect was hindering her happiness and success.

The Freeze Game: A Transformative Practice

Doug encourages listeners to incorporate the freeze game into their daily lives. By repeatedly practicing the game, individuals develop a habit of self-awareness and self-care. This simple exercise can have profound effects, helping individuals notice their emotions, thoughts, and actions in real time. Doug assures listeners that this practice can genuinely transform their lives and bring them closer to living in alignment with their ideal selves.

Step by Step: The Freeze Game and Aligning Reality with Goals and Values

Doug and Chuck introduced the freeze game, which is a simple but effective exercise. It involves pausing, observing, and reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, and actions in a given moment. By doing so, you can align your reality with your goals and values. Tristan shares his experience and how this practice helps him ensure that his thoughts and actions are in line with his podcast's objectives.

The Connection Between Values, Self-Awareness, and Decision-Making

Chuck highlights the importance of values in the freeze game. When you know your values, you become more self-aware and can notice when your actions are not aligned with them. For instance, if health is a value, you may recognize when you're neglecting self-care by overeating or skipping workouts. This increased self-awareness guides decision-making and behavior, allowing you to make choices that align with your values.

Using the Eight Essentials as Threads to Create a Strong Rope

The eight essentials are like threads that, when twisted together, create a strong rope. While each essential can have its own impact, combining them amplifies their effectiveness. Doug emphasizes that using any of the eight essentials, such as the freeze game or the values exercise, can enhance decision-making and overall impact. The key is to find the essentials that resonate with you and apply them consistently.

Identifying Patterns in Society and Addressing Mental Health Challenges

Tristan raises an important question about the increase in mental health challenges and the societal patterns contributing to this issue. Doug and Chuck acknowledge the complexity of the question but highlight one crucial aspect: emotions don't go away; they get bigger when not properly dealt with. They explain that when people lack emotional coping skills and meaningful connections, they turn to other avenues that can be detrimental to their mental health. The eight essentials, with their focus on self-awareness, relationships, and values, can help address these patterns by promoting emotional well-being and fostering healthy connections.

The Evolve Conference: Introducing New Tools for Personal Growth

Doug and Chuck share exciting news about their upcoming Evolve conference, which focuses on the game of leadership and personal growth. The conference aims to provide cutting-edge tools and insights for individuals to become more effective in their lives. With speakers like Morgan Housel, Liz Fazeli, and Johann Hari, the conference offers a diverse range of topics, including behavioral finance, emotional intelligence, and learning agility.

Living Values

Doug and Chuck emphasize the importance of knowing and living one's values. They discuss how the values exercise on their website, which has been completed by over 50,000 people, helps individuals identify and align with their core values. By understanding their values, people can make decisions and behave in ways that are consistent with what matters most to them.

Accountability and Relationships

Doug and Chuck highlight the power of sharing values to build stronger relationships. They explain that when someone knows your values and cares about your well-being, they can help you stay true to those values. This accountability creates a supportive environment where individuals can encourage each other to live their values, leading to personal growth and enhanced team dynamics.

Learning and Growth

The guests stress the importance of embracing learning and agility. They share personal stories and experiences that demonstrate how making mistakes and learning from them can lead to growth and better decision-making. They encourage listeners to adopt a mindset of continuous learning and improvement rather than being discouraged by setbacks.

Deciding Wisely and Empowering Others

Doug and Chuck discuss the significance of deciding wisely when empowering others. They stress the importance of considering individuals' capabilities and providing them with opportunities that match their skill sets. By empowering others, leaders can foster a sense of responsibility, independence, and self-respect within their teams or communities.

Be sure to tune in to Brilliant Thoughts and Success Magazine's podcast for more captivating conversations and valuable insights from industry leaders like Doug Lennick and Chuck Wachendorfer.


About Doug Lennick

Doug Lennick, the CEO and co-founder of think2perform, is widely recognized for his groundbreaking approaches to cultivating high performance in individuals and organizations. With a deep understanding of human behavior and its practical applications, Doug is an expert in driving tangible results, both in financial matters and other areas of life.

As an accomplished author, Doug has co-authored seven influential books, including his latest work, "Don't Wait for Someone Else to Fix It: 8 Essentials to Enhance Your Leadership Impact at Work, Home, and Anywhere Else That Needs You." Co-authored with his esteemed colleague, Chuck Wachendorfer, this book offers readers invaluable insights and strategies to become positive and impactful leaders in any environment. Drawing on their extensive experience and knowledge, Doug and Chuck provide practical and evidence-based guidance, outlining eight fundamental principles crucial for effective leadership.

Prior to establishing think2perform, Doug served as the Executive Vice President, Advice and Retail Distribution, for American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise Financial), where he successfully led a remarkable organization comprising 17,000 field and corporate associates. Under his leadership, the organization achieved unprecedented levels of success, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

With his expertise as a certified financial planner (CFP), Doug brings a unique perspective to his work. He combines financial acumen with a profound understanding of human behavior to create comprehensive strategies that empower individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential.

Doug Lennick's passion for developing high performance, coupled with his innovative approaches and wealth of experience, make him a visionary leader and a driving force behind the success of think2perform. Through his work, he continues to inspire individuals and organizations to unlock their true potential and become the exceptional leaders they aspire to be.

About Chuck Wachendorfer

As the President of Distribution at think2perform and an esteemed executive coach, Chuck Wachendorfer plays a pivotal role in diversifying distribution channels for the company's products and services. With a focus on serving clients, Chuck is dedicated to helping executives and business owners achieve peak performance while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. His expertise lies in mission and vision development, leadership engagement, accelerated growth, and improved profitability.

Through his coaching, Chuck has empowered countless leaders, high achievers, and teams to reach new heights of success. By fostering engagement and cohesion, he has made a significant positive impact on organizations, leading to increased market share, enhanced client and employee retention, and improved overall profitability.

In collaboration with co-author Doug Lennick, Chuck combines his wealth of experience and knowledge in their book, "Don't Wait for Someone Else to Fix It." This transformative work provides readers with practical and evidence-based guidance on becoming positive and impactful leaders in any environment. Through the outline of eight key principles central to effective leadership, Chuck and Doug empower individuals to make a difference and create lasting change.

Chuck's unwavering commitment to making the world a better place through the development of people has garnered recognition from major media outlets, including Investor's Business Daily, Forbes, Fortune, CNN Money, the Dallas Morning News, the Milwaukee Morning News, and the Detroit Free Press. His insights and expertise have been extensively quoted, cementing his reputation as a thought leader in his field.

With his passion for driving transformation and his ability to empower leaders, Chuck Wachendorfer continues to inspire individuals and organizations to unleash their full potential, leaving an indelible mark on the corporate landscape.

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