Innovating Innovation with Jim McKelvey

April 1, 2022

Innovating Innovation with Jim McKelvey

April 1, 2022

About This Episode

Let’s jump into the mind of a billionaire. This next guest, Jim McKelvey, and his business partner, Jack Dorsey from Twitter, built the digital payment company, Square, in 2009. You may have swiped your card using a Square reader so you are familiar with their brand. Jim talks about the reader, how it came about, raising his kids, glassblowing, and more. Take a listen as we go into his recent book, The Innovation Stack, and into other matters pertaining to his life.

“If the timing is right, then you’re probably too late.” - Jim McKelvey

Here are the things you will hear in this podcast:

  • Jim’s first job and hobby–glassblowing!
  • Jim’s experience with Lino Tagliapietra, the world renowned glass artists, and the lessons he learned from the master
  • The importance of timing when building a business and contributing to innovation
  • How the perfect timing was key in building Square
  • His experience with the first publisher that he chose to publish his book–and failed 
  • How The Innovation Stack transformed from being a lightbulb moment to the bestseller book it is today
  • How to know when to stop building and innovating your idea
  • Why innovation can sometimes break the norm
  • The origin of the word “entrepreneur”
  • The takeaways you can get from his book

…and so much more!

I have learned so much about innovating innovation. It really does start from learning. Here’s how you may start grasping the concept of innovation yourself! Take a listen to this podcast as soon as you can and start innovating!

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DISCLAIMER: The people interviewed are well-trained experts and highly skilled in their areas of practice. They take many safety precautions prior to attempting the activities described. The activities or research discussed in these podcasts should not be attempted without qualified supervision and training with professionals.

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