A 2-Step Framework for Authentic and Effective Communication for Leaders

August 31, 2023

A 2-Step Framework for Authentic and Effective Communication for Leaders

Effective communication is crucial in any relationship or professional setting. To enhance your ability to communicate authentically and effectively, I would like to introduce a two-step framework called Unarguable and Unmistakable. This framework provides a simple script that can be used to express your thoughts and needs clearly. Let's dive into it.

Step 1: Unarguable Statements

Unarguable statements are those that are 100% within our domain and control. They consist of our own sensations, emotions, and thoughts. By using unarguable statements, we communicate in a way that is authentic and transparent, allowing others to understand our perspective without hiding behind facts or data.

For example, instead of saying, "This plan isn't right," you can express an unarguable statement like, "I feel worried about this plan." Notice the difference in the impact and reception of these two statements. By sharing your genuine emotions and thoughts, you create a space for open dialogue and understanding.

Step 2: Unmistakable Requests

After making an unarguable statement, it is essential to follow up with an unmistakable request. An unmistakable request is simple, genuine, and provides a clear option for a yes or no response. It avoids hidden agendas and ensures that the request is easily understood.

For instance, you can ask, "Can I share my perspective?" or "Are you available for some feedback?" These requests are straightforward, authentic, and allow the other person to choose whether they want to engage in the discussion.

By combining unarguable statements with unmistakable requests, you create a powerful and collaborative communication dynamic. For example, you can say, "I feel worried about this plan; would you please walk me through your thinking?" This approach enables you to express your concerns openly and invites the other person to participate in the conversation in a meaningful way.

Practicing the Framework

To implement this framework effectively, start by becoming an observer of communication. Notice when others use arguable or unarguable statements and reflect on the impact of each on the conversation. Also, pay attention to your own language and make note of when you use these statements.

Once you have developed an awareness of your communication patterns, begin integrating unarguable statements and unmistakable requests into your daily interactions. By doing so, you will foster a more authentic and collaborative environment where communication is clear and meaningful. 

In conclusion, the Unarguable and Unmistakable framework offers a simple yet powerful approach to enhancing your communication skills. By using unarguable statements to express your authentic thoughts and following up with unmistakable requests, you can foster open dialogue, build stronger relationships, and achieve more effective outcomes in your personal and professional interactions.