Celebrity Homes in Malibu

June 29, 2022

Celebrity Homes in Malibu

Who doesn’t want to live in a luxurious home surrounded by the beach and picturesque scenery? Malibu conjures up images of celebrities living in opulent beachfront mansions with expensive sports cars parked in the driveway. However, it turns out that this small town is rich in culture, art, and history—and also has a variety of activities, most of which are outdoors and open to the public. It is conveniently located with access to main roads, excellent schools, and outdoor recreational parks. That’s what makes it such a dream home destination.

Many celebrities also choose to live in the area because of its relaxing vibe, long stretches of sandy beaches, and sense of privacy and seclusion that living close to nature can provide while still being connected to the city.

Let’s take a look at some of those celebrities who’ve chosen Malibu as their home.

Celebrities in Malibu

Celebrities often find it hard to escape the limelight, but they still covet their privacy. That’s why places like Beverly Hills and Malibu are the top places the rich and famous choose to live. Of course, the beachfront views and the fact that it is just a stone’s throw away from Los Angeles are also a part of what makes Malibu attractive.

These are just some of the stars that have lived (or still reside) in this beautiful Californian metropolis.

Lady Gaga purchased a $22.5 million home in Zuma Beach in 2014, and she fondly called it her “gypsy palace.” Her lovely 10,270-square-foot home has been featured in a Netflix documentary.

Miley Cyrus is another celebrity widely known for being a Malibu resident for quite some time now. After the 2018 Woolsey Fire that destroyed a lot of properties, including her former home, she bought her new pad, the Funky Ranch House, worth $2.4 million right next door.

Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a. Tony Stark from Iron Man of the Avengers franchise, has been living in Malibu since 2009, when he purchased a massive property for $13.4 million. He owns another Malibu home worth $3.5 million, which he bought in 2017.

Emma Stone’s 3.2-acre, 1800-foot mid-century beach cottage overlooking Las Tunas Beach has been renovated. The La La Land actress also owns several other properties in Westwood and Manhattan.

Matthew Perry of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. also lived in Malibu, and successfully sold his “kick-ass Malibu home” for $13.1 million. (In fact one of our agents sold this home, Luis Robledo from Douglas Elliman)

You now know a few of the many celebrities who have flocked to Malibu. How can it not be a perfect place to call home when you can enjoy your privacy while surrounded by nature and live so close to the ocean that you can almost feel the waves wash away your worries?

Malibu Home Prices and Listings

According to Redfin, Malibu home prices are down 14.8% from last year (as of April 2022), and the median selling price is around $3.3 million. If you are looking for homes in Malibu, you can check out the Malibu listings for residential, condos, vacant land, and/or rental properties. Or get connected to a real estate agent today.