Cultivating a Strong Tribe in a Remote-Based World

December 5, 2023

Cultivating a Strong Tribe in a Remote-Based World

In the evolving landscape of business, marked by expanding companies and remote work opportunities, individuals are increasingly seeking a sense of connection and belonging. As a leader, it is crucial to understand the deep-rooted human need for tribal affiliation, even in a digital work environment. Loyalty to a single organization may no longer suffice; instead, employees seek a community and family within their professional network as a whole. This blog will explore how you, as a leader, can deliver a sense of tribe to your team, regardless of their location, thereby enhancing morale, productivity, and retention.

Where Does Tribal Belonging Stem From?

Shared Purpose:

While grand causes like eradicating diseases or combating poverty easily resonate as a purpose, even the smallest of endeavors can ignite a sense of significance. Whether it's assisting clients in achieving their business goals or solving industry challenges, your team must grasp and embrace the purpose behind their work. Encourage a participatory approach, allowing your team to co-create and take ownership of the shared purpose. When individuals have a stake in defining their collective vision, their commitment and engagement reach unprecedented heights. The purpose should not remain static; instead, it should be continuously renewed to keep the team's motivation alive.

Unique Contribution:

In addition to understanding the "why" behind their work, your tribe wants to perceive their approach as distinctive. This sense of authorship and uniqueness differentiates them from other groups. It extends beyond the organization's market offerings to include internal operations and company culture. Leaders' interactions with employees, management philosophies, communication practices, team autonomy, diversity and inclusion efforts, and societal impact all contribute to this distinctiveness. Embrace the moments when employees proudly highlight the company's positive oddities, recognizing that such sentiments indicate the emergence of a strong tribal bond.


Individuals inherently yearn for a sense of pride, derived from both their contributions and the impact they make on the world. When employees believe they are part of something uniquely valuable, as outlined in the shared purpose, it paves the way for individual pride. Encourage employees to express their pride in ways that feel authentic to them. For instance, consider showcasing powerful stories of team achievements through videos or testimonials that highlight their successes and the outcomes achieved. By sharing these narratives, you promote learning, foster pride, and strengthen the sense of belonging within your organization.


Gratitude plays a vital role in cultivating a thriving tribe. Encourage a culture of appreciation where team members acknowledge and express gratitude for one another's contributions. Recognition programs, team-building exercises, or even a simple "thank you" can go a long way in fostering a sense of gratitude within your tribe. When employees feel valued and appreciated by their peers and leaders, their commitment to the tribe deepens.

In an era where loyalty to a single organization may no longer be prevalent, it is crucial for leaders to proactively foster a sense of tribe within their teams. By consistently addressing the pillars of shared purpose, unique contribution, pride, and gratitude, you can create a strong and competitive company that employees proudly call their own. Embrace the challenges of the remote-based world, provide a genuine sense of belonging, and empower your tribe to thrive in their professional journey. Together, you can build a tribe that surpasses the limitations of physical boundaries and achieves remarkable outcomes.