Family Day Trips to Malibu

July 6, 2022

Family Day Trips to Malibu

You might be wondering, if I move to Malibu with my family, what places can we go to for a day trip or quick weekend getaway?

Of course, one of the obvious answers is to go to the beach! There are a lot of beaches you can visit with your family for a day of swimming and playing in the sand. If your kids are big enough and adventurous to boot, they can also have fun with some water activities and sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, and paddleboarding. 

There are also some boat tours you and your kids can enjoy, learning about marine life while soaking in the beautiful coastal scenery.

Some beaches are also hugged by cliff faces and caves that you can explore, hike, and climb, such as El Matador beach. Other family-friendly spots are Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove Beach. If you want calmer waters where you can teach your kids how to swim, Malibu Lagoon State Park is the place to go.

If your family wants a mix of both water fun and hiking trails or rock-climbing challenges, you can visit Leo Carrillo State Park and Point Dume State Beach and Preserve.

Halfway down Nyes Place is the Malibu Pier, where you can eat a variety of dishes by the ocean, take walks, and beautiful pictures.

There are also tons of parks with playgrounds, picnic areas, and places to rest in Malibu. Legacy Park, Malibu Bluffs Park, and Las Flores Creek Park are some that you can check out.

Aside from beaches and parks, Malibu has a lot of historical and cultural places you can visit as well. If you want to spend the day with your kids surrounded by books and fun activities, go to the Malibu Library. The Getty Villa, Lisa Smith Wengler Center for Arts, Historic Adamson House (the oldest house still standing in Malibu), and Malibu Lagoon Museum are among the museums and art exhibits to enjoy.

Visit Malibu Country Mart or Santa Monica Place for some retail therapy.

Spending quality time with family is important, and Malibu has plenty of places to visit if you want to spend the day with those you care about. When visiting these locations, make sure to stay safe and follow all health precautions. Have a blast!