Finding Purpose in the Role of a Manager

August 25, 2023

Finding Purpose in the Role of a Manager

As leaders in our respective roles, we often find ourselves searching for a deeper sense of purpose beyond the mere pursuit of quarterly numbers and performance indicators. The best managers understand that their effectiveness is not solely determined by these metrics but by a greater purpose that fuels their actions and drives meaningful impact.

If you are a leader, you may have already observed key behaviors that distinguish purpose-driven managers. These behaviors offer valuable insights into how we can cultivate and harness the power of purpose in our own work. Let us explore these lessons and consider how we can apply them to our managerial roles.

Tailoring Rather than Managing

Purpose-driven managers have a common aspiration to make work less burdensome and more meaningful for their team members. Instead of treating employees as mere cogs in a machine, they seek to understand their unique strengths and abilities, tailoring their roles and responsibilities accordingly. By aligning work with individual strengths and maintaining a steadfast focus on the mission of serving customers and stakeholders, these managers create an environment where contribution flourishes.

The Measure that Truly Counts

Regardless of the sector they operate in, purpose-driven managers share a deep sense of responsibility for serving their customers, whether internal or external. They draw upon this empathy to fuel their work, viewing daily challenges and obstacles through the lens of customer needs. For them, the ultimate measure of success lies in the satisfaction of their direct customers with the service or offerings they provide.

Building Meaningful Connections

While an open-door policy may be a starting point, purpose-driven leaders go beyond that. They understand the importance of connecting with their team members on a personal level. Through regular one-on-one meetings, daily check-ins, and consistent, positive coaching, these managers foster a continuous stream of dialogue. They listen attentively, seeking to understand and support their team members effectively.

Relentless Advocates for Their Cause

Purpose-driven managers recognize the value they create for their team members and customers by engaging with influential stakeholders and navigating through organizational complexities. They do not shy away from the political environment but actively build relationships with decision-makers. Leveraging these relationships, they advocate for improvements in programs, policies, and infrastructure to further their mission.

Embracing the Adventure of Doing Good

Perhaps the most significant trait of purpose-driven managers is their ability to approach each day as an opportunity to make a positive impact. Despite the challenges and demands that may arise, they embrace the inherent unpredictability of their work. They understand that true value and purpose are not realized through contemplation alone but through action. With a genuine commitment to creating value, they engage, consult, respond, and support, all with a smile (well, mostly).

Those who infuse their work with a sense of purpose recognize that their role extends beyond personal success. They understand that their primary responsibility is to positively influence others, contributing to the satisfaction of customers through the collective efforts of their team. They embody the ideals of engagement, continuous learning, and service. Ultimately, it is not about control or power but about making a meaningful contribution to the greater good.