How Fast is your emotional recovery speed?

October 6, 2022

How Fast is your emotional recovery speed?

"Once you agree upon the price you and your family must pay for success, it enables you to ignore the minor hurts, the opponent's pressure, and the temporary failures". - Vince Lombardi

What I’ve found with my personal challenges in life is that the SPEED for which we adjust to "pressure" is what helps us the most in life. Continually training yourself to adjust quicker to situations that are tough.  ALL OF US will have amazing ups and shit will also happen to us along the way. The key to dealing with this will always be how we handle the good and how we handle the bad.

How is our emotional recovery speed?

When we’re in a tough situation, or something terrible happens, how fast will we adjust to be able to move on?

I’m not talking about pretending it didn’t happen, I’m telling you that shit happens to everyone, so get ready to accept it, feel the pain, and then look for ways to move onward. You will either get stuck mentally in a victim mentality circle or you will find ways to move on. I’m telling you from personal experience, the victim mentality sucks and you don’t even know you’re in it.

The secret to this is to actually experience situations of high pressure more often. The more you are in these situations the faster you will learn to handle them. Physically, emotionally, and mentally.

What are you doing weekly to place yourself in new situations, in different environments, in places that make you feel uncomfortable? Continual comfort is the enemy of growth, and the enemy of growth is the belief that any type of pressure in your life is not good.

Everyday we go through things that bother or hurt us emotionally. What are we doing daily to set our minds right in the morning and what are we doing every evening to let go of our anxiety and rest? Live life seeking new challenges that will pressure you into growth. Remember that none of us truly know what we are doing as we are growing, we adapt as we go. It's like Socrates said over 2000 years ago, "I know only one thing: that I know nothing".