How to Inspire Others—and Yourself!

August 4, 2022

How to Inspire Others—and Yourself!

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” – Azrat Hinayat Khan

Inspiration motivates us in our work and in whatever we do in our everyday lives. When times get stressful, it can get hard to inspire ourselves, but it is during hard times that we need inspiration the most.

People look to leaders for inspiration and direction when they feel lost. As leaders, we are responsible for inspiring others, but first, we need to know how to inspire ourselves.

“To inspire others, you must first inspire yourself. Only true passion can awake passion in others.” – Daniel Delgado

You can’t fill up other people when you’re running on empty yourself. That is why self-reflection and awareness play a huge role in every aspect of leadership. Knowing yourself, what values you hold dear, your vision and purpose, and your goals in life all play a huge part in planning action steps towards achieving them.

And to inspire others, you need to show that you are able to walk your talk. Your actions will have more weight than your words, but your integrity really shines through when your message is evident in your life and how you carry yourself, even in the smallest things.

That’s the very reason why I always lead by example. I only ask others what I ask of myself. When my employees, my family and friends, and my kids see that I show up and deliver the same energy and effort that I expect of them, they trust my leadership. And when they trust me, I can help them and motivate them to be better versions of themselves.

Truly inspiring works are those that are deeply rooted in values that are evident and well-lived.

Aside from self-awareness, you also need to know who you are leading in order to leverage which values they have that can inspire them to be better than who they were yesterday.

Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest and most mundane of places. Sometimes, a simple word of encouragement or appreciation is all it takes to motivate them. Inclusion and diversity of thought can be the spark that breeds new and inspired ideas.

Encouraging a culture of gratitude also helps keep the proper mindset that can welcome inspiration. That is also why putting your and other people’s well-being first is important as well. Sick people find it hard to get inspired no matter how great of a boss you are to them. If you want to inspire loyalty, lead with kindness. Especially during adversity.

“You don’t overcome challenges by making them smaller but by making yourself bigger.” – John C. Maxwell

Rise up to the challenge. Don’t be afraid to aim high, but don’t forget to keep your goals realistic. Sometimes, what you need to inspire is a challenge rather than a pat on the back.

When looking for inspiration, you can look back on your past, appreciate the present and look forward to the future. But above all, if you want to inspire others, align yourself with their goals and values. Lead with kindness and by example. Thank you for reading A Brilliant Tribe.