How We Made $297,375 in 31 Days in Real Estate

April 15, 2022

How do you turn a $20 lead into $297,375 in commissions?

Last month, one of my newer agents on the team had an amazing event that changed his life. He got a Google PPC lead that turned into multiple opportunities that are still paying off today. Here’s how it happened: 

Let me be clear on this, this happens to us probably three to four times a year where we get one online lead where they're actually serious and they end up buying or selling a multi-million dollar home. I'm located in LA and Ventura county in Southern California and this one happened to a newer agent on the team. He's only been on the team for maybe a year. 

This story starts with an online lead. The buyer was on Google and searching for homes in an area that we cover called Westlake Village. This lead actually came through a Google Pay Per Click through a company that we use called Ylopo. While this particular buyer was searching online for homes in Westlake Village, our information popped up. Their lead ended up coming up through the system and into our CRM (Contact Management System). We happen to use Follow Up Boss software for lead systems. 

After the lead is processed it goes to our ISA team. This lead actually came in at 8:30 at night.  When I saw the information on the lead that evening, I thought at the time that the lead looked pretty good. I saw this buyer was looking for property around 7 - 8 million dollars. We assigned one of our buyer agents, Jacob, and he contacted the lead immediately. Luckily, Jacob was able to get a hold of the buyer right away. Buyer requested that Jacob send him some properties that met his criteria, which Jacob did right away. 

At the end of the day, all the people that come into our websites and our systems, all they really want is to see property. 

So give it to them. 

A day later, Jacob met the buyer and pre-qualified him. The buyer and his wife looked at a piece of property and fell in love with the home. They wrote an offer and it got accepted right away. It closed quickly a few days later - all cash. 

Was it an easy deal? No. There were problems along the way. However, Jacob knows this business is about building relationships. So, it was no surprise when that buyer asked Jacob to also list a property that he had wanted to sell. After Jacob listed it - because of the current hot market condition that we are in - there was an immediate offer. Unfortunately, it was an extremely tough transaction. There were issues with the buyers. However, it did close.

Nothing here in real estate is typically easy. 

Remember, the higher you go in the price point that you’re covering, the more the buyers or sellers have to trust you. They have to know if they leave it up to you that you are going to handle it from point A to point Z - and everything in between. 

It’s all about the service that you give your clients. 

From driving an hour away to just closing a window for them that was left open to bringing in their packages when they are out of town - it’s all about the service that we give our clients. 

This particular client was so impressed how Jacob also handled their listing, they gave him another property to sell in another state. This was a potential 4 million dollar listing that Jacob was able to refer to another agent to help him sell. 

You just have to be paying attention. You’ve got to have your processes in place. 

You never know when a client has a need that could turn into several transactions. Be ready for it. 

Here’s some lessons to learn from this story, whether you are an experienced agent or a new agent (or anywhere in between): 

I need you to always respond quickly. 

When I sent that lead over to Jacob, he knew that the faster he could respond to it the better chance he had of the lead picking up the phone - and  retaining that person as a client. 

Value first. 

Jacob gave the client was looking for - and so much more. Always be looking for ways to add value for the client. 

Be kind and confident in your disposition. Come from a place of contribution. 

That sends a certain amount of energy out there. People will begin to trust you. Always look out for your client. Come from a place of wanting to help them. That will eventually build the relationship and ensure trust. 

Consistently communicate - before, during and after the transaction. 

This particular lead was an attorney and ended up a  wealth of knowledge for us. He was a great connection. Not only did we get the three transactions from him, he also gave us a piece of land to sell, too. The lead is still paying off to this day. 

Always be solution oriented. 

Be calm when issues happen. Expect all the wrong things to happen. You have to stay calm and not freak out - that’s your job. You have your broker, team leader, escrow, attorney - all involved in the transactions and they are always there to help you. Always be looking to see how you can solve the current problem. 

This is how we made $297,375 in 31 DAYS with just a $20 Google lead. 

You can do it, too!