Instagram Now Lets You See the Recent Posts First

April 12, 2022

Clamoring for what you want online is important. Why? Because brands can see and hear it. It’s part of their job, after all.

One evidence of the effect of critiquing is the feature that Instagram added to their features: seeing the most recent posts first.

What Instagram Looks Like BEFORE

Before this change, Instagram once faced backlash due to their choice of what to put in people’s feeds. Basically, they only allow posts that you’re interested in to show up in your timeline.

While this doesn’t sound bad on your end, it’s a different story on the side of startup businesses and influencers–those who are vying for your attention in order to entice you to try out their brand.

In addition, you don’t get updated about your friends’ recent posts anymore. That is, if you stop interacting with them. But how do you start interacting when they don’t show up in your feed?

What Instagram is NOW

Enter, the new feature.

This time around, Instagram lets you see posts in chronological order. Meaning, as soon as the page that you’re following posts, you get to see it immediately

The new feature is divided into two: Following and Favorites.

“Following” basically allows you to see the pages that you follow as soon as they post something. You get to stay updated on your friends’ lives, the new post about the latest smartphone, and more.

“Favorites” is a more curated version of your Following feed. Whatever you want to see more in your timeline, you can save in Favorites. Now, you don’t have to skip through the pages that you don’t like anymore. You can just add your favorite pages in your curation and you'll start to get updated on them. How neat is that? 

Both features became available just last week. Now, we can have a more peaceful AND personable experience with Instagram–something that most of their followers are craving for.