LinkedIn Adds Newsletters as Another Way for Brands to Stay

April 22, 2022

To increase engagement with consumers and make the community inside the social media app more tight-knit than ever before, here’s what LinkedIn added in their arsenal: newsletters.

LinkedIn added newsletters as the Company Page’s tool to stay in touch with their audience. Now, they don’t just get to write thought-provoking posts or informative articles. They get to connect with them in a more personal way with the help of newsletters.

Here is LinkedIn’s statement on the matter:

“We debuted Articles for Pages last year to help you publish longform professional content to spark conversations and drive greater engagement. We continue to look for meaningful ways to connect as we navigate our new world of work, and that’s why we’re introducing Newsletters, a new way to build communities around topics that matter most to your customers with recurring Articles from your Page that members can subscribe to.”

What was it like BEFORE

Back in November, LinkedIn made the newsletter option available to those who are using Premium accounts. In Creator Mode, they get access to additional features, such as LinkedIn learning and connections.

Now, Company Pages can get in on the action, too.

All they need to do is click the “Write an article” button, found at the top of the homepage. It will take you to the publishing tool where you can write your article. If you are using a Company Page, you will see a “Create a newsletter” option in the editor.

What’s in it for me?

For Company Pages, newsletters are a form of engagement to their followers who are not around to lurk on LinkedIn anymore.

They can, instead, keep in touch with their targets through their emails that are connected to their LinkedIn accounts. Pretty cool, right?

Just like a normal email, though, your subscribers can have the option to unsubscribe to your newsletters as well, so make your content as interesting as you can!