Read this before you finish planning for 2023!

January 2, 2023

In writing down your goals for 2023 make sure that you take time to write down the possible obstacles you may encounter along the way. This way you start anticipating how you’re going to adapt and pivot when things don’t go the way you thought they were going to go.

One way that I do this is by reaching out to people that have achieved the goal that I’m looking to achieve. I ask them what their biggest pitfalls were, and I see how that will fit into what I want to achieve. They also give me advice on how to avoid the problems they encountered.

When you plan and anticipate where things can go wrong, you give yourself the gift of grace. Things will go wrong so plan on how you’re going to respond.

There’s a great story by Gold Medalist Michael Phelps. Recalling a race from the 2008 Olympics, he said, "So, in 2008, when my goggles filled up with water, I was relaxed because I reverted back to my training. I swam blind for a 175m out of a 200m fly, won gold, and broke the world record." He trained for things to go wrong…

You’re training your mind to look for solutions to things that can go wrong. When you plan for things to ONLY GO GREAT, you’re doing toxic planning. It’s like toxic gratitude: when you’re only looking for the things that are good in your life instead of looking at everything in your life and being grateful for the totality of it, good and bad.

So, when you’re planning, be sure to look at all the possible pitfalls that you can think of for the goal that you have in mind. When you have a well rounded plan that takes into consideration where things can go wrong you have a higher chance of succeeding.

In fact, I’ve taken this seriously and I started a journal on challenges. Ones I’ve faced and how I’ve dealt with them and what I learned from them.

Play attention to your obstacles.

In the words of the great Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, "What stands in the way becomes the way".

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