The 7 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

July 30, 2021

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.” – Francis Bacon

Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to interview some of the brightest minds around the world. I dug into my notes over the last week to read through some of the things that I learned along the way and I noticed a commonality between all the guests I’ve interviewed. They all ask themselves some amazing questions, not here and there, but often and consistently. I extracted one question from each of the recent interviews that I’d like you to ask yourself this week.

Remember that these people have achieved massive success in different parts of their lives and the questions they’ve successfully asked themselves often have helped create who they are and pave the way for where they are going

Here we go...

1. Are we going to make it?

This one I learned from interviewing Grant Cardone and he was very

candid in the interview. He said this is one question that he and his wife ask each other throughout the year. This question applies to their relationship, their family, and their businesses. I love this question because although it sounds simple and strange at first, it requires deep thought to see where you are with those respective things, where you are heading, and if you need to tweak things.

2. Am I focusing enough on the process?

Massive entrepreneur and brilliant Fiance to Paris Hilton, Carter Reum asks himself this question to remind himself that obsessing about end results is a quick way to live a life of anxiety and worry. Instead, he focuses on the things you can control, those things he can actually change.

3. How can I look at this differently?

Interviewing producer Lex Borerro was intensely motivating. He says that the keen ability he has to continually look at situations as opportunities have been a big blessing for him. By asking the question above often you begin to train your brain and mentally position yourself to identify opportunities and you can do this. This is a powerful question.

4. How can I win the day?

James Whitakker is full of energy and this is one question he asks himself often, almost daily. It’s all about routines and making sure that those daily routines include your priorities for life. You win the day by having clarity about what’s important to you and executing on that as often as possible. The question creates immense clarity when you answer this question often.

5. How can I continue to evolve the wellbeing of my immediate environment? Jim Harter was absolutely brilliant in this interview, his books and his company are world famous too. I learned a lot about the well-being of the workplace and I also heard him talk about the importance of human development overall. The question above was inspired by the interview that will keep you in growth mode for sure.

6. How can I deliver the most impactful message?

Many of you know Branden Kane as a marketing genius and one that has helped a lot of celebrities and businesses with their social media, but his ability to ask the right questions is amazing. His breakdown of how to connect with people is a repeatable process that we can all put into practice. His big 3 for posting to social media are easy to remember: Feelings, Facts, and Fun!

7. Am I approaching this in a kind manner?

Interviewing Glenn and Mindy Stearns was super fun. I visited their home in Orange County and we did the interviewed person to person. They have so much gratitude that it’s amazing and contagious. As you dig into their lives and understand how they lead you begin to understand why this question is asked by them often in their life and to those they lead!

I think we need to take time to think deeper about the questions we ask ourselves because I’ve noticed that some people at all levels in life, sometimes repeatedly ask overly simplistic questions that sabotage their own success. Questions like, “why did I do that” and “why does nothing ever go my way”…  

We can do better. We must do better!