Twitter Now Welcomes GIFs Creation in Its Features

April 27, 2022

Twitter has always been that app that births viral posts that transcends all four corners of the social media world.

Now, it seems that Twitter is not stopping from being a pioneer of social media.

Introducing GIFs creation!

Yes, Twitter now allows users to create GIFs in real-time. That means YOU, an ordinary user, can create your own funny GIF using your trusty phone camera.

But here’s the sad part:

One, it’s only allowed to iOS users. So Android users, you would have to step away.

Two, it’s already available as a feature way back in 2019.

Three, are GIFs made by ordinary people going viral? As we all know, GIFs’ popularity comes from familiarity. Meaning, they work because it’s relevant AND funny because it’s lifted from a TV show or movie.

Can GIFs made by ordinary Twitter users be consumable to the general public? We’ll see in the next few years.