Your routine is all wrong...

February 7, 2022

"You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret to your success is found in your daily routine". John C. Maxwell

It's time we talk about routines. Not the typical morning routine, but the more important one. The evening one. Here's the breakdown for you so you can start today. You can make it quick or you can take your time with it and be sure to reach out with any questions.

P: Plan. This is something we all know to do, but not all of us take time to correctly plan for the next day. Here is where you take a few minutes to make sure you know what is happening in your day tomorrow and what your priorities are so you don’t miss anything of importance. Simple.

R: Review. The days go by so quickly and we get bombarded with so much information that it’s normal to miss things so this is where you take time to review your task, priorities, notes, schedule, email, voicemail, and texts to see if you missed anything you need to address the next day. This review period is designed as a catch-all so you don’t let the small things fall through the cracks.

E: Exercise: This part can be a full on exercise period for you or you can do what I do. I take 2-3 minutes to do some pushups and sit-ups, but it doesn’t replace my workout period. I do a full workout in the middle of the day, so this is just something I end with to get the blood flowing in the evening. It’s a fact that the mind is connected to the body and motion creates emotion so jump into this and get it done!

P: Play: Practicing gratitude is something that we need to practice on a daily basis. I typically suggest you ask questions that slowly get you into the right mindset. Questions like, "Was there an instant today where someone made you smile? Is there someone that made your life easier today? Is there someone that you've been wanting to thank that you should reach out to with a quick text? What are you proud of accomplishing today, no matter how small?" Remember that the quality of your questions not only determines the life you lead but how you look at life.

A: Affirmations: Yes, these are back in the evening. I have a different set of affirmations for the evening as I wind down, but you can use the same ones you use for the morning. The idea behind this is to develop yourself into the person you want to be through the words you use daily. The actual process of repetition creates a subconscious reaction with your psyche that allows you to be more aware of your actions and your thoughts. It all boils down to your reticular activating system, which I’ve talked about deeply in some of the previous newsletters.

R: Reflect. This one has been something that I’ve really enjoyed doing. This one alone has allowed me to be more grateful for my day and what transpired through the day. It also has helped me go through my day mentally and make sure I functioned like I wanted to perform. Here’s where you take a moment to think back through your day and make sure you lived it well. Don’t skip this step because here is where you can learn a lot about yourself and those you surround yourself with.

E: Embrace. I’ve always struggled with this one because I feel like I’m always "on". I’m always thinking about what’s next with Lab Coat Agents, A Brilliant Tribe, Tristan and Associates, and my other businesses. This is where I fully embrace the evening and STOP! I embrace that the day is done and that I’ve done what I’ve done and I can do no more. Embracing the evening helps me come to grips with being present with my family and friends for the evening. I still struggle with this at times and I check my email or check notes I took earlier in the day, but I will catch myself and put things away. Embracing the evening fully will help you fully relax your mind so that you’re fully engaged the next day.

Thank you for reading A Brilliant Tribe.